Technical education

Education was basically the privilege of the higher class until industrialization was created. Technical education provides a fresh dignity and a reputed position in the labor category and the smaller class people. Today, the new technical education is viewed as the most important type of study and responsible for liberal education. Technical education lets a man to go strong into the facts of lifestyle and gives a real image of life before he himself finds it out. These individuals can never work with the combined unity as the normal workers who usually display a lot more union, solidarity, and firmness.

How can students be attracted to postgraduate studies?

The current market slump might be good enough so far as the postgraduates are concerned. The postgraduates are supposed to be given an admission for their higher education before they actually fit into an MNC. They should be given a chance to study further and follow what their aspirations are.

The IITs

As long as the undergraduate programs are considered, they have been bright and successful in selling their programmes. But they miserably failed in getting the attention of the top 15% of the students from various other colleges.

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